“I Giardinetti” Historic Park

“I Giardinetti” historic park is the nicest green area in Lamporecchio, with old trees and its long history. Today it is a municipal park but it originally belonged to Villa Rospigliosi’s property and joined the “Chiuso”, the adjacent hunting preserve, today private property. The park, bought by the municipality in 1924, has undergone restoration until 2010 and it preserved the original elements highlighting its beauty and originality. Crossing the boardwalk and the entrance we are plunged into the most majestic area, in the shade of big trees, while in the distance we can see the “Pescaione”, the semicircular tank where the holm oak path leads to the Villa Rospigliosi.

From the tank we spot the high section of the park, characterized by a twist of paths in eighteenth century style with an original sunburst pattern and a small cylindrical building in the centre, a kind of “panoramic viewpoint” to catch lovely glimpses of the surrounding landscape.