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Paths and naturalistic trails on the Montalbano ridge still preserve the traces of a long history, of a land contended with the lords of the manor and then with the districts of Firenze, Lucca and Pistoia. Ancient events of which there are scattered traces on these hills in castles, in fortified hamlets, in abbeys and along old paths.

In Lamporecchio the project for the creation of a trekking network started in 2015 by a common desire and it focuses on the restoration of some paths already included by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) in the maps issued in the last years: the identification numbers and trails have been maintained, except one or two changes. The paths which make up the network are different: some are more difficult as regards difference in height and length and twist in the woods on the ridge till the Barco Reale Mediceo where they suddenly open up to amazing views which, on the southern side, stretch from San Gimignano and Volterra to Apuan Alps, from San Miniato to Pisa mountains, from Fucecchio marshes to the Arno. Other paths are gentler, amidst olive groves and stone walls.

If you like walking in good company, in summer every week you can take part in our free guided walks with visit of the historical places in our territory. An unmissable chance for tourists and citizens to discover the hidden treasures around Lamporecchio and the Montalbano hill.

San Baronto – Porciano

In front of the Church turn right into “via Nardini” and go downhill towards the crossroads. Cross the provincial road Montalbano SP9 and take the gravel path signposted “Pasqualino”. Take the trail “Strada del Montefiore” on the right. At the junction turn left and go through the wood. At the next junction turn left again. Keep following the wide south facing path; along the way you’ll find a picnic area with wooden benches and tables and the Walls of the Medici’s Barco Reale. At the edge of the wood you’ll find a road (“via del Madonnino”): turn left. After the tabernacle there’s a crossroads: keep to the right. The path goes uphill along an ancient wall. Follow the gravel path towards the junction: take the left lane and go uphill. When the path forks again, turn right and go downhill towards the houses of “via Poggio alla Baghera”. Keep following the path downhill until you find the hamlet of Porciano (216m a.s.l.). You can visit the hamlet and the Church of San Giorgio.

Starting point: Church of San Baronto
Time: 2 h
Difficulty: medium
Difference in  level: 150 m
Aspect of interest: Church of San Baronto, landscape and natural aspects, walls of the Barco Reale Mediceo, Medioeval Towers and Church of Porciano.
Itinerary accessible on foot/by bike

San Baronto – Lamporecchio

Start at the San Baronto Church square (350 m a.s.l.) and take “via della Chiesa” on your left and then turn right at “via Pio La Torre“. Keep to the right. Pass the parking lot, cross carefully the provincial road SP16 and enter “via Pozzarello“. The path goes along the enclosing wall of the “Villa del Parco”. Reach the “Madonna delle Grazie” Oratory (301 m a.s.l.) and walk through the olive grove on the left until you reach the hamlet of Alberghi (265 m a.s.l.). Cross the provincial road SP16 carefully and turn right into “Via Vecchia”, an old muletrack, and walk downhill towards Lamporecchio. Along the way you will find a tabernacle on the wall to your left. The path crosses a few copses and some olive groves: keep walking straight on until you reach the village of Spicchio (155 m a.s.l.). Follow “via Spicchio”until you can see the old Minghetti Hospital (a big yellow building),  take“Vicolo dell’Ospedale” on the right . Turn right again into “via Borghetto” and go straight on. Take “via Minghetti” (which is tarmacked) and keep going downhill. At the crossroads with “via Matteotti“, turn left and, after crossing the street, go beyond the breach of the ancient wall. A short lane leads you to a brick archway; go through it and you’ll find yourself in front of the Public Theatre, in the main square of Lamporecchio.

Starting point: Church of San Baronto
Time: 1 h 45 min.
Difficulty: medium
Difference in  level: 280 m
Aspect of interest: Church of San Baronto, Villa delmParco, Oratory of Madonna delle Grazie, Villa Rospigliosi, landscape and natural aspects
Itinerary accessible on foot/by bike

Lamporecchio – Porciano – Lamporecchio

From the church of Saint Stefano reach “via Vitoni” and then the crossroads: take “via Orbignanese” and follow the road downhill, until you pass a small bridge. At the next crossroads with “via del Lavoro”, turn left and follow uphill the tarmacked road. Take “via Greppiano” (60 m a.s.l.) on the left: along the way you’ll find a small chapel, a bridge and then the road curves to the right. At the fork keep to the left: the road starts going uphill. After you pass a small group of houses the road forks again: keep to the left. After you walked along  Balduccio House (150 m a.s.l.), you’ll find a stately holm oak tree and a tabernacle: go straight on and uphill until you reach another tabernacle at Fattoio (215 m a.s.l.). Follow “via di Lampaggio” uphill until you find a small hamlet. Pass the hamlet and take the “sentiero del Saletto” on your left: this path passes along the back property of the last house on “via di Lampaggio” and then it continues into the woods. Halfway along the trail you’ll find another tabernacle. Follow the path until you get to the medieval hamlet of Porciano (250 m a.s.l.). After a visit to the Church of San Giorgio, a very scenic place, and to the hamlet, reach the provincial road SP9 and follow it in the direction of San Baronto – Pistoia. Along the way you’ll find Rimaggio’s Mill and then Villa Merrick in Papiano. Take”via Vecchia Maremmana” on your left and then “Strada Vicinale delle Due Fontane” until you reach “via Ceppeto”. Turn right. At the fork keep to the left and follow “via Capalle” downhill. When you find again “via Orbignanese”, turn right and you’ll reach the church of Saint Stefano, the starting point.

Starting point: Church of Santo Stefano, Lamporecchio
Time: 2 h 40 min.
Difficulty: medio
Difference in  level: 270 m
Aspect of interest: Church of  Lamporecchio, landscape and natural aspects, medioeval towers , Church of Porciano, Rimaggio’s Mill, Villa Merrick in Papiano
Itinerary accessible on foot

Paths and naturalistic trails on the Montalbano