Olive oil

Stirred by Tramontane wind or painted by the colours of marvellous sunsets, the olive trees on the Montalbano hills give a sublime product, of great historic, cultural and economic importance: the extra-virgin olive oil.

Hand-picked by “brucatura” technique or by modern tools, the olives fall on the networks under the trees, are hand-cleaned of leaves and branches and some hours after they are taken to the olive oil mill. The oil has unique characteristics, with a fruity balanced taste and it belongs to “Tuscan P.G.I. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Protected Geographic Indication) from Montalbano”: it is a kind of Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil with a protected geographic indication whose phases of olives production and pressing must happen in a portion of Montalbano’s territory and with a variety of olives which are present alone or jointly in the olive groves: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino, Rossellino, Piangente and their synonyms.