Porciano is an enchanting medieval village on the road from San Baronto to Vinci, surrounded by a beautiful landscape surrounded by terracings, rows of cypresses and olive groves. It developed around defensive structures built by Counts Guidi at the beginning of the XIII century and today it is characterized by two clusters around two towers and the Church of San Giorgio.

The two towers (“the upper tower” and “the lower tower”) which mark out the Porciano residential area and represent an identifying symbol, date back probably to the thirteenth century. The two towers are supposed to be, together with the Collececioli tower and the existing fortification on the Montefiori Hill, an integral part of a defensive system to guard the valley below.

The towers have got a square plant and an height which is about half of the original one. Historically they have represented the two poles around which, in the course of time, the village of Porciano developed.