Not far from Lamporecchio there’s Spicchio. The little locality is known since the 15th century as the Rospigliosi family property organization centre. Giulio, in particular, who became Pope with the name of Clemente IX in 1667, promoted those works that gave birth to the compound which includes the Palace (nowadays known as Villa Rospigliosi), the Chapel and the “Old Villa” with the annexes of a farm, a tree-lined avenue that goes down towards the village and gives rise to the park called Parco dei Giardinetti, and a large hunting estate named “il Chiuso“.

The Rospigliosi family also took care of carrying water to their property because it was essential for the farming activities. Already in the middle age an aqueduct was built to bring the water from the springs on the hill.

The water course, contemporary to the Spicchio farm and the Villa Rospigliosi, wound for about two kilometres coming down from the San Baronto hill along a beautiful slope in the woods, accessible on foot, to reach the estate.