Walking Montalbano August 2020

Walking Montalbano August 2020

Walking Montalbano August 2020

Our summer guided walks continue in August


Walking Montalbano guided walks go on. They are organized by the Municipality of Lamporecchio and the tourist office San Baronto-Lamporecchio and they are an unmissable chance for tourists and local people to discover the hidden treasures in Lamporecchio and the Montalbano hill walking along the historic paths in our territory.

Our guided walks go on in August with two weekly appointments, with groups of maximum 25 people, with booking required for each participant and according to local legislation and applicable health recommendations regarding safety to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. All our guided visits are free and are in Italian and English with our qualified guide Michela Del Negro.

Here is the August programme:

Sunday August 2nd h 8.45 the walk starts from San Baronto and then continues to the medieval village of Larciano Castello following a road and a path in the countryside. In Larciano Castello you’ll visit the medieval stronghold, a fortress used by Pistoia’s citizens in the Middle
Ages as sighting tower, and the museum.

Thursday August 6th h 9.30 after the visit of the church of Santa Maria del Pruno in Orbignano with its thirteenth and fourteenth century fragments of frescoes, the itinerary follows medieval paths surrounded by vineyards and then stops at “Il Poderino dei Trinci” farm which produces olive oil, wine and wheat.

Sunday August 9th h 17.00, we start from Fornello and then we climb to Sant’Amato where you can admire the monumental vineyards, we go on to Le Croci, Leporaia hill and we come back to the starting place with a loop trail.

Thursday August 13th h 9.30 the walk starts from Lamporecchio, following a path surrounded by olive groves and vineyards and stops at Forrà Pruno farm, a local producer of olive oil, vegetables, fruit and site of a laboratory for the production of jams, fruit jiuce and sauces. After the visit the walk goes back to the starting point.

Sunday August 16th h 9.30 after a visit of the Church and its evocative Romanic crypt in San Baronto, whose story is linked to the Frankish monk, Baronto, who was coming back from Rome and found in this area and ideal place to devote himself to an eremite life, our guide will lead you to discover some of the most amazing views of our hill.

Thursday August 20th h 9.30 the itinerary follows an old path from Ospedale Minghetti in Spicchio which leads to Giugnano and then stops at “Du Passi” farm where you will see the cheese-making transformation process with final tasting.

Saturday August 22nd h 17.30 after the visit of the Church of San Giorgio the walk will take place around Porciano, exploring a path which leads to Leporaia hill, Fornello, Saletto and Belvedere among ancient paths and tabernacles. The participants who want to eat in the fields can bring with them sandwiches, drinks and the necessary things for a picnic at twilight.

Tuesday August 25th h 17.30 the walk follows the path number 18 and reaches Greppiano area, where you will visit Fadanelli Farm with its vineyards and cellars just a few weeks before the grape harvest.

Friday August 28th h 16.30 our guide will lead you through the ridge path, to discover some of the most amazing views in the area telling you the history and the legends of our territory, from the Barco Reale Mediceo, the Medici hunting preserve, to the Sasso di Pietra, the huge stone shrouded in mystery and popular fascination.

For the complete August itineraries with times and starting points please download the programme.

To take part in the guided walks it’s necessary to book:
Tourist Office San Baronto +39 0573766472
Qualified guide Michela Del Negro +39 347 8156922
Email: turismo@comune.lamporecchio.pt.it