XXVI Concert Season at Villa Rospigliosi

Musicarte’s Tuesdays at Villa Rospigliosi from May 15th  until July 10th 

Musicarte’s Tuesdays are back from May the 15th to July 10th thanks to the Associazione Cultura e Musica Giulio Rospigliosi. Every Tuesday, except a concert on Sunday 27th May at 5.30 pm, music will be the main attraction in the magical Villa Rospigliosi to delight local enthusiasts and tourists in our territory.

The music programme, which ranges from classical to contemporary, presents world famous ensembles and solo artists.

At the end of each concert a cocktail will be offered to the attendees. Donations are welcome at the entrance.

The appointment is every Tuesday h 9.15 p.m. at Villa Rospigliosi in Spicchio.

For more information visit www.acmrospigliosi.it or download the programme.