Church of Saints Desiderio and Baronto

The evocative crypt, partially frescoed, is the only trace of the old abbey, pilgrims’ destination for centuries. Then the Second World War arrived and the church was destroyed in the morning on August 16th 1944 together with other key points on the territory and just before another tremendous event, the massacre of the Fucecchio Marshes.

After the destruction the church was wisely re-built using as much as possible the original materials and following the structure of the previous building. Its story is linked to the Frankish monk, Baronto, who was coming back from Rome and found in this area and ideal place to devote himself to an eremite life.

The several miracles attributed to the saint contributed to the building of a monastery and an abbey. The church has got only a nave and a wooden truss, the two lateral chapels preserve a canvas with Madonna in throne with saints Baronto and Desiderio dating back to the seventeenth century and a panel with a Madonna with Child in throne between saints Baronto and Paolo made by Tarquinius Gratius.

On the high altar there is a wooden crucifix dating back to the fourteenth century. But the church deserves a visit especially for the crypt supported by a multitude of small columns with pre-Romanesque capitals dating back to the ninth century. According to tradition the Saints Baronto and Desiderio should be buried in the sepulchre of white and green marble; on the walls there are remains of frescoes.


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Mass Hours

  • 16.30