Church of San Giorgio

A terrace on the Montalbano hills, the beautiful Church of San Giorgio may be so defined. For the wide view which allows to spot San Gimignano’s towers and for the amazing sunsets you can enjoy in sunny days in front of the portico. Its old story dates back to the thirteenth century but many restorations have followed especially during the fifteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century.

The covering is in wooden trusses: on the third beam, looking from the main entrance, on the side looking at the altar we see the engraved date “1463 a di XXIIII di majo”. The church inside presents a nave, the presbytery is delimited by a low and elegant stone banister and a quadrangular plant apse.

At the main entrance a white marble holy-water stoup referable to the end of the fifteenth century or to the beginning of the following one catches the attention, while on the right altar we find a precious painting made by Gerino da Pistoia in 1520 portraying the “Madonna with Child between Saint Anthony the Abbot and Saint Nicholas of Bari”, and on the left altar there is a painting by an unknown artist, dated 1669 and portraying “Christ on cross surrounded by Saint Francis, Saint Sebastian, Saint Blaise and Saint Anthony of Padua”,

On the high altar a cubic temple shaped ciborium of alabaster made in 1687 shows off while, behind the altar, in the choir area, there is a painting that portrays “Saint George and Saint Donnino”; the work dates back about to the second half of the seventeenth century and it is attributable to an anonymous Tuscan painter.