Oratory of Madonna delle Grazie

The little oratory is surrounded by olive groves and is located along an ancient path (today path number 20 of our network of footpaths) because here wayfarers stopped by to pray.

In the past, in the territory of the parish of San Baronto, there were five oratories, the one of Saints Rocco and Sabastiano in “Alberghi”, the one of San Sebastiano alla Carraia, the one of Santa Margherita, the oratory attached to the church and the one of the Madonna delle Grazie. Today, only the latter remains.

The oratory was restored a few years ago and it was built probably during the seventeenth century on a pre-existence which consists of a so-called “marginino”, that’s to say a shrine (or tabernacle), maybe dating back to the fourteenth century, where at a popular level of devotionality an image of the Madonna was venerated: the so-called Madonna delle Grazie (of graces).